TARAS award

TARAS is innovative, development-oriented and technically excellent.

TARAS is bold and far-seeing, a step ahead of the others...

TARAS_tmp.thumbThe TARAS award is given for the most successful collaboration between the business enterprise sector and the scientific-research sphere in the field of innovation, development and technology. It is presented by the organiser of IRT Industrial Forum and publisher of IRT3000 magazine.

The award aims to stimulate collaboration between the research&development organisations/groups and the development groups in industrial companies and the wider business enterprise sector. The subject of this call for award is a product, solution or service which has been developed in full or in a significant part through collaboration between a development partner and a client from the business enterprise sector. A nominated product, solution or service must be developed to a phase where it is ready for market launch, use or licensing.

The sculpture has been designed by Nina Mihovec and Peter Rojc, partners in Wilsonic Design, d. o. o. It was manufactured by Akrapovič, d. d., using a state-of-the-art casting process.

TARAS presentation.pdf