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6 and 7 June 2022

Our innovative engineering will present itself to EIT Manufacturing

EIT-Manufacturing-portraitOn the first day of the Industrial Forum, we will host representatives from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology from the knowledge and innovation community in the field of manufacturing. In the thematic section EIT Manufacturing - manufacturing in innovative Europe they will present the institute activities and international cooperation mechanisms with the emphasis on benefits for the Slovenian industry.

Representatives from Elaphe, a company that until now received more than 4 million euro of EIT investment will focus on complementarity of operations with the EIT.

This will be followed by a presentation of the guidelines for the renewed national strategic development priorities in the Slovenian smart specialisation strategy 2030 (S5). Strategic development-innovation partnerships Networks for the transition to a circular economy and Factories of the future will focus on further options and challenges for the development of Slovenian industry.

The section hosted by the Slovenian EIT Manufacturing Hub will be concluded by a round table, where the participants will be joined by a representative of Spirit Slovenia.




On June 7th you are invited to SLOTRIB, a conference about tribology, lubricants and technical diagnostics, which will take place withing the 13th Industrial forum IRT!

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This year, we want to shake your hand!


If anything, it is the economy that is very flexible and a quick learner …

If anywhere, it is the academic sphere where we find new ways to develop and resolve problems …

If any time, it was the last two years when we learned to adapt to changes quickly, sought new ways to get in touch, faced brand new challenges ... 

After all of this, the members of the industry and the scientific-research organisations deserve an event where we can shake hands, socialise, meet face-to-face and share enthusiastically our best practices, achievements, victories ... This event is Industrial Forum IRT and it is taking place on 6 and 7 June in Portorož!

We are tired of zooms and meets, so in June we wish to present in person our Taras, the only Slovenian award for collaboration between the enterprise sector and the research institutions. This is also why we need you to give a round of applause to this year’s winners. 

In addition to the presentation of the TARAS award, the two-day event will also include some 40 lectures divided in four thematic units, an exhibition with more than 40 exhibitors, and about 500 participants from Slovenia and neighbouring countries.

For the thirteenth time, the same venue will see stories from the industry and academia intermix, and once again we will dive into innovations, development and technologies in manufacturing, tool- and moldmaking, maintenance, logistics and non-metals ... Once again we are going to examine these topics – which you know very well from the IRT magazine – up close and live on 6 and 7 June 2022.


There are four ways for you to participate:


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Presentation of the state and development achievements in the industry and the scientific and developmental environment


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Presentation of the state and development achievements in the industry and the scientific and developmental environment

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