TARAS award returns after a one-year break

21 Jan 2021

taras-imgTARAS, the most prestigious award for projects conducted in collaboration between Slovenian companies and domestic scientific research institutions, is coming into the hands of a new owner after the last year’s break. Having to endure many restrictions, the Slovenian industry is all the more in need of successful examples of best practices, role models and innovative solutions. The nominated projects will be presented on day one of the Industrial Forum. This time, the attendees will also be able to cast their vote for the TARAS award winner.

The TARAS award is presented for the most successful collaboration between business enterprise sector and scientific research realm. The subject of this call for award is a product, solution or service which has been developed in full or in a significant part through collaboration between a development partner and a client from the business enterprise sector. A nominated product, solution or service must be developed to a phase where it is ready for market launch, use or licensing.

The TARAS award is presented by the publisher of IRT3000 trade magazine, who is also the organiser of Industrial Forum IRT, a traditional and international event that attracted more than 500 expert attendees in each of its 11 incarnations. Industrial Forum IRT is the platform for presenting your achievements, novelties, knowledge and innovation from the industry and for the industry, the exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as applications of new ideas, concepts, methods, technologies and tools in the industrial environment. The event aims to promote collaboration and transfer of applicable knowledge from scientific research realm to industry.